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Personalize your handmade items and advertise for your business using these customizable faux leather knitting tags! This listing is for our standard sized labels measuring 3" x 0.85". Faux leather tags are super durable and machine washable. Use them on your favorite hats, scarves, headbands, shawls, or whatever you can think of!

These tags use Chicago screws for attaching to knitwear. They can be attached quickly using a small phillips head screw driver or by hand with no sewing required. Tags are made for Chicago screws with the following measurements: diameter 5mm (1/5"), length 6mm (1/4"), head 9.5mm (3/8"). Screws can be included with your order, or you can source your own! Please note that tags are designed around these screw specifications; if you source your own, please match the above measurements (including head size).

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NOTE: We cannot split colors on orders of 10 tags.

Your order will be ready for shipping within 1-2 weeks. Proofs will be sent to your provided email within 2-4 business days.

Note that lettering and design print colors are not customizable.

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